Morning trip..

Morning sun..


2 Cents..

Just wondering, is it OK to curse someone? Well, of cause NOT. But in the place where I'm working, I'm just very sad that my collage is not standing up to the challenge. Treating this job as a permanent income while concentrating on direct selling. Plus in it, sells the idea of Christianity, love each other while the way one talks giving away a feeling of motive and expectation of something in return. How can this be?

It is true that it is hard to find a partner that would carry you in your work place.. As everything/one is so self-centered.

Guess it is time to stop winding and move on~~


Bad and Good

"If you want to know all the bad things about me, speak to my enemies. If you want to know all the good things about me, consult to my friends."

-Din Besi-



Not so Bokeh after all ~~



"What you don't see, don't witness with your mouth.."
-Radio DJ-